#SelfiethePlay is a Real World-style interactive reality theatre experience following seven young professionals as they attempt to adult in Cincinnati. 

FINALE: "The Time of Our Lives"

EPISODE 6: " The Reckoning"

Part 1: "Atonement"

Part 2: "The Question"

JOIN US! #SelfieThePlay SEASON FINALE shoots on Wednesday, March 22 7-10p at Mt. Adams Pavilion

EPISODE 5: "Live Your Truth"

Part 1: "The Descent"

Part 2: "The Withdrawal"

EPISODE 4: "Aftermath"

Part 1: "The Decision"

Part 2: : "Breaking it Down"

EPISODE 3: "Undercurrent"

Part 1: "Unfinished Business"

Part 2: "Undercover Lovers"

Part 3: "Unrealistic Expectations"

Reese's Blog Post

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EPISODE 2: "Three Heartbeats"


Part 2: "When Calls the Heart"

Part 1: "When Beats the Heart"

Part 3: "When Breaks the Heart"

EPISODE 1: "The Heart of the Matter"


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